Philosophy Coq d’Or

Because of it no cock crows after!

The culinary heritage of individual regions or regional “areas” should be preserved. Coq d’Or, as an initiative, has set itself the goal of not forgetting the old, even sometimes “age-old” recipes of the individual regions. These recipes should be “resurrected”, not only at home, in families, sometimes cooking anyway according to “grandmother’s recipe”, but also in public restaurants, country farms and restaurants. The culinary heritage, to which the certification initiative Coq d’Or is committed, is about the preservation and continuation of old (kitchen) traditions and eating habits. Germany’s 16 federal states are already regions in their own right, and even within the federal states there are once again individual regions and regions with their culinary differences.

Coq d’Or seeks to preserve and revive history and traditions, and where is this more beautiful than sharing a table.

So you could also describe the motto and the philosophy of Coq d’Or:

“The preservation of tradition, regionality and food culture begins on one’s own plate.”

Wherever the golden rooster, Coq d’Or, can be seen at the entrance of a gastronomic establishment, consumers will find old traditional food on the menu – naturally prepared in a traditional way.