Trendsetter of traditional cuisine

Golden time for connoisseurs

At some point it started, a piece of tradition on the fork

As different as the regions are the dishes which bring Coq d’Or certified gastronomic establishments to the plate. The ambassadors of the food culture of your region: be it in Baden-Württemberg Swabian or Baden, Franconian in Franconia, the French z. B. Breton, the Italian z. Sicilian, Greek e.g. Cretan, the Chinese z. B. Cantonese, the Indian z. B. North Indian, the Thai z. B. creole, the Spaniard z. B. Andalusian, the Yugoslavs z. B. Croatian, the Japanese z. B. Japanese, etc. All Coq d’Or certified restaurants, inns, country inns, inns, restaurants, and hotel restaurants serve at least three traditional dishes prepared from the culinary heritage of each region or country.

A menu with:

  • a cold appetizer, a soup or a warm appetizer
  •  a main course
  • a typical dessert completes the Coq d’Or menu

Of course, the aisles can also be ordered separately.