Purpose Coq d’Or

Sustainability has been often referred to since the late 1990s, but just as often it becomes mere lip service.

You decorate yourself with it.

The Coq d’Or team wants to do true “persuasion” in the sense of a good cause.

Sustainability can only exist if tradition, regionalism and cultural and culinary heritage are preserved and made known.

Especially in times of environmental pollution, food scandals and a boom of “noncommittal” fast pace, Coq d’Or is again in a binding and unifying way – where people, consumers and cooks, and food producers and rural producers, share a common goal, namely: To revive the traditional knowledge of processing, quality and origin of the products and kitchen recipes.

Doing and cooking in the kitchen, as to “grandmother’s times”. It goes without saying that respect for and promotion of environmentally friendly agriculture goes hand in hand with goals and philosophy.

Coq d’Or wants to bring people to enjoy old and traditional dishes.

Whether in Germany, where Coq d’Or is based, or in France, or in Asia, Australia, North / South America, Africa – every country and every region has its culinary heritage, Coq d’Or lets it revive – or better, serve.

The noble and golden rooster, Coq d’Or, guides consumers and connoisseurs through all states.